Appartel-Hotel Patricia

The Hotel-Appartel-House-Patricia ( Boarding-House ) applies for guests, who will stay in Bonn for professional or private reasons for a longer time.

The service of our house only inludes cleaning and  change of the linenone time a week.The appartements are equipped with a compact-kitchen and the guests prepare their breakfast for their own.

There were no prices for a day but only prices for a month depending on that minimal-service.



1 Room-Appartement = 29 squaremeter monthly Euro 500,00

2 Room-Appartement = 43 squaremeter monthly Euro 800,00

The minimal reservation is 1 week and then we charge per day: ( 1 room = Euro 35,00, 2 room = Euro 50,00 )

The prices are final-prices including tax. There  is  an additional fee for extras like tel., garage.

Telephone per unit 0,20 Euro, garage 25,50 Euro monthly.

For additional questions do not hesitate to contact us. From our experiances in the past and from the feedback of our guests, we can point out a great  approval to our house.